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Squad up! Entropy Survivors demo now available

Today, Movie Pieces Interactive announced that the Entropy Survivors demo is now available on Steam. The co-op roguelike bullet hell title aims to for a PC and console release in the future. Up to four players can traverse a colorful world full of dangerous traps and enemies with zany gameplay mechanics.

About Entropy Survivors demo

Entropy Survivors, the co-op roguelike bullet hell standalone companion game to developer Moving Pieces Interactive’s Shoulders of Giants, lifts off for a spacefaring adventure on PC via Steam and consoles later this year, with a demo available now on PC via Steam.

Wield outlandish blasters, blades, and the mighty power of friendship against the forces of Entropy as both a sharpshooting space frog and a sword-wielding samurai mech. Run and gun through dangerous dungeons, rocky deserts, and chilly ice worlds, controlling Froggie and GERM simultaneously. Eradicate Entropy to save the universe!

Swap between Froggie’s ranged shots and GERM’s mechanized melee blows to take down incoming monsters. Wield increasingly ludicrous weapons, skills, and upgrades for both heroes as the battle wages on. Buzz out with a bee-shooting blaster or take out the trash with a fleet of ultra-destructive garbage trucks.

Bring together a de-pond-able crew of up to four astronauts and take on the masses together with online co-op! Transform Froggie and GERM with fate-deciding weapon modifications and class perks to create countless different character and team builds. Feeling competitive? Go head-to-head for the high score, snagging crucial items and power-ups on the battlefield to edge out the competition. Finish a level in co-op and blow off some steam by beating up surviving buddies.

Entropy Survivors Developer Quote

“After Shoulders of Giants, we were experimenting with some of the existing assets and accidentally made a super cool new game,” said Kyle Erf, Technical Director at Moving Pieces Interactive. “The new perspective and arcadey feel kept us coming back for more; We’re so excited to bring our previous experience making co-op action games to this budding genre.”

Entropy Survivors will blast onto PC via Steam and consoles later this year for USD $9.99 with language support for Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Its first demo is now available on PC via Steam with localization in these languages.

To learn more about Entropy Survivors, dash over to the official Discord server, follow Moving Pieces Interactive on social media, and search the hashtag #EntropySurvivors.

This seems like a roaring good time! Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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