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Wanted: Dead console patch arrives for Xbox, PlayStation 5

Today, 110 Industries announced the long-awaited Wanted: Dead console patch for Xbox One and Series X as well as PlayStation 5. The new patch will fix some stability issues and make a specific achievement easier to obtain. PlayStation 4 owners of the game will get the patch next month, and more fixes will arrive in February as well.

About Wanted: Dead console patch

The first console patch for Wanted: Dead from 110 Industries has arrived! After winning it big at the casinos from his holiday bonus, Hong Kong Chief of Police Albert Simmons used his bankroll to get some highly anticipated updates for the police department’s Zombie Unit. Gamers playing Wanted: Dead on Sony® PlayStation 5® (PlayStation 4® patch coming next month) and Microsoft® Xbox Series X/S® will receive the following updates, with more planned fixes and improvements coming in February for PC, PS and Xbox.

Let’s run down the list of patch fixes that will help Hannah Stone and her squad clean up the streets of Hong Kong:

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could experience crashes while playing advanced levels of the Ramen mini-game.
  • Fixed periodical stability issues related to dropping and picking up the Chainsaw.
  • Implemented general stability fixes.


  • “Severance Pays” achievement progress now cumulates across multiple saves and playthroughs.
  • Chainsaw finishers and certain wall finishers are no longer required to complete the “Severance Pays” achievement. (No more yelling at your monitor/TV asking why this isn’t working for you.)
  • Previously unseen finishers now have a higher chance of being triggered, making the “Severance Pays” achievement easier to obtain.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Implemented various collision adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue where certain cutscenes would sometimes pause at the start.

More improvements will be coming in February including:

  • Adding a checkpoint during the Dauer HQ Ninja fight. (PC/PS5/Xbox Series X)
  • FSR implementation for consoles. (PS5/Xbox Series X). DLSS update for PC.

About Wanted: Dead and where to buy

Wanted: Dead was developed by Soleil, the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. Play as Lt. Hannah Stone, the no-nonsense ass kicking leader of the Zombie Unit, a special team of former war criminals operating within the ranks of the Hong Kong police force. Use your guns, grenades and sword to eliminate the enemy with razor sharp combos and over 50 finishers.

Wanted: Dead is available now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Purchase your copy of Wanted: Dead for PlayStation 5

Buy your copy of Wanted: Dead for Xbox Series X/S

Purchase your copy of Wanted: Dead for PC

We love a good underdog story, and the Wanted: Dead console patch is a great one! If you’re looking for more undead gaming goodness, check out our quickie review of Raging Bytes. Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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