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STARNAUT Early Access heads to PC Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air next month and so are bullet hell roguelikes as crim Co. announced STARNAUT Early Access on February 14! The El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron developers will work on this charming title which features fast-paced roguelike gameplay.

About STARNAUT Early Access

“STARNAUT” is an exciting and unique 3D action game that includes its very own roguelike system that will present games with the ultimate challenges. The player will become the STARNAUT, a surviving astronaut, and experience the thrill of beating up endless spawning enemies, then launch the Omega Rocket to complete level.

Start at the Beginning!

In early gameplay you are required to collect coins by finding them or beating enemies before your oxygen (time limit) runs out. You will need to find the Omega Rocket that has landed somewhere on the level and use those coins to launch the rocket to proceed the game further.

If you collected enough coins, you can buy weapons from Shopnaut, a friendly companion with a huge monitor as a head that follows the player wherever they go.

The weapons bought or upgrade from Shopnaut are mostly automatic, and each of them has various ways of attacking enemies.

Every time you start the level, you can choose one weapon, except every resource and weapon you gained from a previous level gets reset and you will start from having no coins, no weapons and no upgrades.

Features & Facts

  • Eradicate the enemies forming from the multiverse
  • Collect coins and upgrades for both weaponry & suit!
  • Equip eight different weapons which can be stored and used
  • You and your interactive – buddy!
  • Many Modes – including Sniper
  • Five sprawling levels… but wait. Could there be more?

CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!! Feel the excitement of destroying the infinite amount of enemies!

CHALLENGE TO THE EXTREME!! You will have maximum of 30 minutes to sweep them!

BE CAREFUL!! This game is way too addictive! You may forget the time!

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