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Until Then announced, heads to Steam and PS5

Yesterday, Modus Games and Polychroma Games announced that the narrative adventure game Until Then is in development. The game will be released for PlayStation 5 and Steam. While a release date has not been announced, a demo is now available now during the Steam Next Fest (which will be held until February 12). The game follows a high school student as he navigates through a traumatic situation and processes his high school life. The game features Filipino cultural landmarks and locations, with minigames featuring different aspects of everyday life in the country.

About Until Then

Until Then is an indie game with unexpectedly profound things to say and a breathtaking art style set among Philippine-inspired landscapes. Don’t mistake its simplistic controls for a lack of substance—from its addictively mundane minigames to its meaningful look at healing from trauma. This game has the potential to stand among the classics in the narrative adventure genre.

Until Then unravels a bittersweet story of mystery and tragedy, unpacking the trauma of loss through the eyes of the main character, high school student Mark Borja. In a world still recovering from catastrophe, Mark and his friends navigate the joys and woes of another year of high school—piano practice, homework deadlines, and school drama— as you reminisce about the daily insecurities of high school life.

That is, until a fateful meeting sets off a chain reaction, upending Mark’s life. People disappear, and memories prove unreliable. You’ll work to uncover a hidden truth with Mark and his friends in this narrative adventure as you race to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

The game looks to be a love letter to adventure games of old, and we can’t wait to try it out when more details are announced. We will have more updates as they are released. Until Then… you can stay tuned for more news here on Miso!

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