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Wanted: Dead Gets Anniversary Patch, Sale

110 Industries is killing it as Wanted: Dead gets a new patch and sale in time for the first anniversary. The new patch changes some the Dauer HQ level as well as includes an easy “Neko Mode” difficulty. In addition, some new quality-of-life features are added to all platforms.

About Wanted: Dead Anniversary Patch

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of its release, the craziest game of 2023 is being updated once more. The second patch for Wanted: Dead from 110 Industries, featuring a ton of fixes, updates and improvements has arrived. Hong Kong Chief of Police Albert Simmons secured more ramen food budget, karaoke mental health days and weapons funding for Hannah Stone and the police department’s Zombie Unit. Gamers playing Wanted: Dead on PC, Sony® PlayStation 5® and Microsoft® Xbox Series X/S® will receive the following improvements and updates, with more fixes coming in 2024.

Here’s a list of features, fixes and overall improvements to keep your sword sharp and your gameplay sharper:

Dauer HQ level — First Ninja Encounter Rework

●    The first ninja encountered now has a health bar displayed, and his HP and damage have been modified to provide a better combat experience.

●    A new checkpoint detail: Respawn point now happens right before the first Ninja encounter.

●    Extra stim packs are now placed on the level.

Improvements and additions

●    FSR 2.2 for better performance is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

●    Mini-bosses now have a 100% stim pack drop chance.

●    The cover system has been updated to enable a manual cover option. It is set as default, but can be switched back in the Options menu.

●    Easy “Neko Mode” difficulty is now available from the Start menu.

●    A new Player Stats menu has been added, listing various combat stats performed across the game for the related Achievements/Trophies progress tracking.

PC Improvements

●    DLSS 3.5 and FSR 2.2 are now available for Steam.

●    Cloud saves are now available on Steam.


●    Further stability improvements have been implemented.

●    The game no longer registers controller input while minimized.

●    Gamepad vibration/haptics no longer occur when the game is being controlled via mouse and keyboard.

●    Reset options in the Display section now work correctly.

●    Graphics settings now saved after restarting the game.

●    HDR no longer switches off upon restart.

●    The “Space Runaway” music can no longer be heard in the Police HQ after quitting from Stage 2.

●    Flickering issues corrected in Kowloon Park.

●    Redundant prompts have been removed in Kowloon Street.

●    Various boss health bar bugs have been fixed.

●    Hannah is no longer able to go back and repeat fights in Kowloon Street after a save/load.

●    The chainsaw can no longer be dropped during the hand attack animation, which used to cause an incorrect animation with invisible weapons.

About Wanted: Dead Anniversary Sale

110 Industries is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Hannah Stone and the Zombie Unit by gifting gamers with our biggest discounts yet! The action-packed cyberpunk game Wanted: Dead is up to 67% off on Steam and Sony® PlayStation 4/5®! Blow out the candles, warm up the controllers, and grab a slice of cake as you slash, stab, shoot, sing and eat your way through the streets of Hong Kong.

Wanted: Dead is available now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Purchase your PC copy of Wanted: Dead at 60% off until February 21:

Purchase your PlayStation 4/5 copy of Wanted: Dead for 67% off until February 28:

With last month’s patch, Wanted: Dead is shaping up to have a great year ahead. You can get the game for over half off, too! Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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