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Duck Paradox shoots its shot on Steam Early Access

Duck Paradox quacks up a storm today as Magic Games and Midwest Games announced its Early Access release. The game features precision platformer techniques as players try to explore a wacky multiverse. The game will also feature at Future Games Show 2024 this year, with a playable demo on Thursday, March 21.

About Duck Paradox

Navigate the infinite domains of the multiverse as savvy scientist Dr. Paraducks in search of her beloved pet duck, lost in the throes of space-time thanks to a malfunctioning time machine. Tackle difficult-to-master trials, run after run, with the utmost quickness to earn powerful upgrades, save all of the ducks, and repair the tattered threads of reality.

Armed with a trusty ray gun and a can-do quackitude, face dangerous worlds teeming with corrupted pet imposters. Leap across perilous platforms, unleashing waves of bouncing bullets on swarms of feathered foes. Each ray gun blast offers a deadly risk: each miss ricochets off of walls, adding to Dr. Paraducks’ list of troubles. Aim and shoot strategically while dodging lethal hazards and pixelated pits of death, or start from scratch at the start of the world.

Slow down time for some breathing room while solving puzzles and engaging barricades. Procure lifesaving shield bubbles before setting up explosive traps to zap duck doppelgangers while corralling your duck to safety. Select between two randomized upgrades at the end of each level, experimenting with new builds with every reset. Pet enthusiasts will need to keep a level head amidst more than 20 increasingly difficult levels or unlock and test their resolve in the endless Survival mode.    

“We’re looking to build a dynamic roster at Midwest Games, and the endearing yet rage-worthy eccentricities of Duck Paradox were instantly captivating,” said Midwest Games CEO and Founder Ben Kvalo. “Magic Games has created a sensational title as their first release and we look forward to bringing it to a larger audience.” 

“As much as I have been ready to finish the development of Duck Paradox, something keeps bringing me back to make it bigger and better, as special as it can be. I was afraid I would spend years on this game.”, shared Diego Lenero, Director at Magic Games. “Through a partnership with Midwest Games, my vision for the game is finally possible. Beyond the resources provided, they have genuinely believed in the potential of ‘Duck Paradox’ – a game that’s designed to challenge players, but ultimately reward perseverance.”

Duck Paradox is available now on PC via Steam Early Access. To be featured at the Future Games Show 2024, play the brand new free demo launching on Thursday, March 21, 2024. The 1.0 version will launch worldwide in Q3 2024 with multiple localizations.

If you’re looking for other quirky animal-like experiences in the meantime, why not check out Nyaaaanvy? Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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