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Bootleg Steamer Fights Prohibition for an April Release

Bootleg Steamer is the Prohibition-era sim you’ve always wanted! The game heads to Steam on April 25, and features a deliciously addictive roguelike gameplay loop. With over 50 unique maps and decisions to make, will you create an alcoholic empire, or will it dry up in your hands?

About Bootleg Steamer

In Bootleg Steamer there’s water a’plenty, but the Pacific Ocean can’t satisfy an unquenchable thirst for illegal liquor! Welcome to Bootleg Steamer’s roaring 20’s America, where players recruit their crews, navigate treacherous waters and tangle with the local Mafia, all in a quest to make their mark during the tumultuous prohibition era. 

Bootleg Steamer transports gamers into a rogue-like adventure, where would-be smugglers captain their ships, tasked with supplying thirsty cities with the very thing they can’t have: booze, and lots of it! But bootlegging is a risky business, it’ll demand shrewdness and strategy to protect profits in the face of changeable weather and the relentless pursuit of the local law.

The world of Bootleg Steamer is ripe for the taking, but only for savvy sailors making wise decisions. Recruiting skilled crew members, upgrading ships inline with your smuggling strategy, and taking risks with high-stakes dealings will be key to success in this high-stakes game of cat and mouse. With a choice of six captains and over 50 unique maps to pick from, there’s a multitude of ways to play as you hustle to make crime pay and rack up the highest score possible.

Set in a time of deep contrast, strategy is everything in Bootleg Steamer. Whether supporting cities devastated by the Great Depression, or carefully managing your scarce resources, life is never dull, as players travel through the tapestry of history in this one of a kind adventure.

Key Facts About Bootleg Steamer

  • Supply and Demand: Buy cheap alcohol from underground brewers and upsell it to thirsty locals at lucrative premiums. Each city and town will have its own demands, so navigate your strategy carefully to maximise your profits.
  • Customise your Ship, Choose your Crew, and Develop your Strategy: Master your bootlegging saga as you choose and upgrade ships, recruit skilled crew members, and develop a cunning strategy to outwit both the Coast Guard and the Mafia.
  • Play as 1 of 6 Unique Captains and explore over 50 different maps: Choose your captain with care! Six captains are ready to set sail, each with their own skills and personalities.
  • Mafia Favours and Contracts: Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Use the influence of the mob to navigate the perilous waters of the prohibition. Engage in high-stakes dealings and avoid invoking their wrath – but remember, they always collect on their debt with interest…
  • Invitations and Sea Parties: With your contraband on hand, cross paths with locals, support cities and build connections with your thirsty customers to turn prohibition to your advantage.

Michael Macleod, Lead Designer at Junkfish and Creative Lead for Bootleg Steamer said, “Bootleg Steamer began its life as part of our internal Junkfish Game Jam, and to reach its impending release on April 25th is incredibly thrilling for our talented team. Bootleg Steamer has been a truly collaborative effort, originated from my love of maritime history, and we couldn’t be more excited to share our team’s passion for this unique time in history with an adventure that challenges, intrigues and provides high-quality, high-stakes entertainment. With many different ways to approach the world of Bootleg Steamer, we can’t wait to see gamers raise anchor, load the liquor and set sail for an unforgettable experience”.

For more information about Bootleg Steamer please visit

And there you have it! Stay tuned for the game’s release on April 25, and keep your eyes on Miso for more gaming news!

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