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Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace Close This July

It’s time to say goodbye to the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace as they shut down on July 29, 2024. This means that gamers will no longer be able to purchase any new games through the Xbox 360 interface. However, even though the shutdown is imminent, there are still a lot of things that will still be active after the shutdown.

About the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace shutdown

From a post on the official Xbox website:

Beginning on July 29, 2024, we will no longer support the Xbox 360 Store or the Xbox 360 Marketplace ( Until this date, purchases made in the Xbox 360 Store and the Xbox 360 Marketplace will continue to be supported. This will not impact how the community plays currently owned games on Xbox 360 or via backward compatibility. Players will be able to continue to download and play games they already own on Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S consoles via backward compatibility.

The same support article regarding online multiplayer and services for previous titles:

You’ll still be able to play multiplayer as usual on previously downloaded games and games owned on disc. Online services per game will vary based on publisher support for legacy titles.

For those wondering about redownloading previously purchased titles, you can continue to do so after the shutdown date as well:

You can continue to play discs or redownload previously purchased games on your Xbox 360 even after the store closes in July 2024.

Application and game updates are still available after July 24, but you’ll need to have a license or physical disc for what you want to update. Codes that are not gift cards are inactive after the shutdown date. Additionally, while Xbox 360 purchases are unavailable through the regular console interface, you can purchase backwards compatible titles on Xbox One and Series S/X. Game saves will also be transferable to newer Xbox consoles as well.

While this is a bummer for a lot of gamers growing up in 2005. This is also a blow to game preservation following the online service shutdown of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems yesterday. However, there may be hope with future releases, and some Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X consoles too. Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso.

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