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INDIE Live Expo 2024 Heats up the World This May

INDIE Live Expo 2024 comes to a screen near you! The international gaming event takes place on May 25, with over 100 announcements and more streaming! The presentation will be available on YouTube, X, and Twitch in English, Japanese, and Korean.

About INDIE Live Expo 2024

 INDIE Live Expo, Japan’s premiere online digital showcase series connecting indie game fans all over the world, will debut never-before-seen games and content updates across more than 100 titles on May 25th, 2024, with simultaneous broadcasts in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean on YouTubeX, and Twitch.

With Spring in full bloom, the tenth INDIE Live Expo event will offer a fresh crop of 2024’s newest indies. On the heels of a successful Winter showcase which accumulated 10.7 million views, INDIE Live Expo nears 100 million views across 10 events since its inception in 2020 while spotlighting more than 2600 indies to date. 

Witness world premieres and content updates across 100+ titles, including fan favorites such as Witch and Lilies, the romantic JRPG dungeon-crawler by Stromatosoft IncOmega Crafter, the automation-focused open-world crafting survival adventure by Preferred NetworksBoyhood’s End, the puzzle-filled story adventure by Why So Serious, Inc., PIGGY ONE SUPER SPARK, a hyper kinetic action platformer by Hanabushi and hako life, and developer ACQUIRE Corp.’s roguelike deckbuilder C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield

Tune into the INDIE Live Premiere for exclusive reveals of games handpicked by the INDIE Live Expo executive committee. Check out INDIE Waves for a rapid-fire showcase segment filled with bite-sized updates for dozens of new games. Gain a greater appreciation for the love poured into these experiences with Indie Studios Around the World, which features in-depth looks at the local cultures and regional history of the teams crafting beloved games.

The INDIE Live Expo Official Discord Channel opens its doors to serve as a gathering place for developers and consumers alike. With direct access to developers, indie game fans can lend their voices to the creation and refinement of upcoming indies.

“We are once again blown away by the games that have been submitted,” said Ryuta Konuma, Founder and CEO, Ryu’s Office. “It is an honor to witness the incredible talents and creations from all over the world, and it reinforces our belief in our mission to put a spotlight on your games. May 25th will be filled with surprises; stay tuned!”

Sponsorship Opportunities and Other Contact News!

A variety of INDIE Live Expo Winter 2024 sponsorship opportunities are available for companies of all sizes, including video featuring. For more information, please visit the informational and submission page hereContent creators of all sizes are invited to simulcast INDIE Live Expo here.

For more information and detailed reports on previous broadcasts, the impact of participating in INDIE Live Expo, INDIE Live Expo Awards, and information on how to promote games for creators, developers, and publishers alike, please consider subscribing to the INDIE Live Expo Letter.

Fans who cannot wait until May can rewatch DAY1 and DAY2 of INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023 on YouTube. For more information, please visit the INDIE Live Expo website, follow @INDIELiveExpoEN on X, and search for #INDIELiveExpo on social media.

We can’t wait for the announcements! Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso.

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