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Limited Run Games Digital Distribution Expands With Three More Titles

Limited Run Games digital distribution just got larger, as the company recently announced three more titles under its publishing wing. Save Me Mr. Tako: Definitive Edition, Deathwish Enforcers, and Hatch Tales will be available on different platforms soon. Save Me Mr. Tako: Definitive Edition goes out first on PlayStation consoles today, with Deathwish Enforcers heading to PlayStation and Switch consoles on May 28. Hatch Tales lays an exciting Switch release on June 21 as well!

About Limited Run Games Digital Distribution Titles

Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition

PlayStation® gamers get the opportunity to dive into a great adventure from Christophe Galati, set in the classic era of Game Boy™ handheld gaming, Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition, launching May 3rd on PlayStation®!

In a world where humans and octopuses are at war, Tako stands alone, determined to bring peace to humans and octopuses alike as he traverses six unique worlds and 50 levels, surviving on land thanks to the power of a benevolent fairy! Tako’s job won’t be easy however, 16 treacherous dungeons, devious puzzles and numerous side quests will need to be navigated in order for this brave little octopus to reach his goal of unity and peace!

50 Different hats are available to Tako, granting him special powers to assist in his quest, and with gorgeous graphics harking back to the golden days of handheld gaming and a soundtrack composed by Marc-Antonie Archier, this is one deep-sea-saga you won’t want to miss!

Physical editions for the PlayStation 4 are also launching exclusively at on Friday, May 3rd. This open pre-order will last until June 2nd, so octo-fans will have four weeks to reserve their copy.

For more information on Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition, please visit:

Deathwish Enforcers

Next up, you can shoot, punch and boogie your way through crime-ridden streets in Deathwish Enforcers on May 28th!

An evil crime syndicate is trying to take over the streets of San Francisco. As part of the city’s elite police force, the “Deathwish Enforcers,” it’s your duty to bring down the scum that litters your streets in any way possible! A loving parody of Sunset Riders and classic action films of the past. IGN calls Deathwish Enforcers Special Edition:

“A spiritual sequel that seems to come straight from the 90s, Deathwish Enforcers is a love letter to run & gun and the immediacy of arcade games.”

Fans can pick it up on both PlayStation®5 and Nintendo Switch™ starting May 28th.

For more information on Deathwish Enforcers, please visit:

Hatch Tales

Another animal protagonist enters the nest, Hatch Tales takes flight on Nintendo® Switch™ on June 21st! An action-packed adventure set in the mystical land of Talonreach, an ancient evil begins to stir as the evil Nazar emerges from his slumber. Only Hatch, our brave hawk hero, can confront such evil, restoring balance to the peaceful kingdom.

Armed with his trusty Hookshot, Hatch will encounter powerful foes and dangerous hazards, unlocking amazing abilities and experiencing wonders no mere hawk could ever dream of witnessing!

A platforming adventure with an irresistible art style, Hatch Tales is deceptively beautiful, providing an action-packed challenge that will test even seasoned gamers and keep them on their toes until the very end of their quest!

For more information and to pre-order Hatch Tales, please visit:

And there you have it for Limited Run Games Digital Distribution! Stay tuned for more exciting gaming news here on Miso.

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