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VOIN on Steam gets a new demo today

VOIN on Steam changes with the elements as tinyBuild and Nikita Sozidar announces a new demo for the game. To celebrate the Endless Replayability Fest, this hack-and-slash RPG receives a new look for everyone. Featuring a new tutorial and quality-of-life changes, players will conjure up a storm in order to save the world from a mysterious evil. The game will be available in its full release later this month.

About VOIN on Steam

Play as VOIN, an elemental servant created by a powerful mage, tasked with ridding the world of a mysterious plague consuming all life from the realm.

The new demo includes never-before-seen features, such as game-changing weather effects, overhauled healing mechanics, a redesigned tutorial with the new onboarding, a new dungeon where players can master abilities and movements, the first look at the cutscenes, and more.

Soar over decaying grasslands and ghoul-infested castle tops to unleash fury from the skies. Explore this grim, twisted world in search of secret areas, weapons, and equipment to aid VOIN’s dangerous quest.

Rid the land of demons with Two-Handed Greatswords, weaving in destructive elemental abilities to deal finishing blows.

Engage in strategic combat and adapt to enemies’ power tiers. Complete missions to unlock Boss Arenas and face bone-chilling monstrosities.

Collect valuable and powerful loot that you can cleanse in the molten deeps of the Hub area to inflict even more damage to your enemies.

Play VOIN’s new demo now.

VOIN arrives on Windows PC via Steam later this year. To stay up to date with VOIN follow @vointhegame and @tinyBuild on X (formerly known as Twitter), wishlist it on Steam, and subscribe to Sozidar’s YouTube channel.

With the Endless Replayability Fest, gamers don’t have to worry about running out of titles to play. Check out more titles this month, and stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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