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Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis Dances on PC This Year

Ready for the parasocial and paranormal? Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis heads to PC later this year from WSS playground. The rhythm/psychological game tasks players with playing through some sick beats while navigating through a story of virtual proportions.

About Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis

What happens when a young hikikomori girl overloads on too much Denpa music? Qtie’s hyperpop obsession causes severe brain rot and hallucinations in the form of a fake social media love story with Yunyun, her favorite imaginary online follower…or is she real? 

Dance to delusional Denpa beats in a rhythm-based adventure (headphones recommended!), and anonymously announce Qtie’s love for Yunyun in the form of love letter posts across the internet. Tap on beat to dozens of hits, like “It’s a cherry kissing explosion” by KOTOKO.

While Qtie’s Yunyun Psychosis brings her joy, the propagation of copypasta has unexpected catastrophic, world-altering consequences. Unravel the truth of Yunyun’s existence — will Qtie escape her romance-filled imagination? Is one person’s shot at love worth the destruction of the world? 

Explore themes of depression and isolation amidst a vibrant neon hand-drawn digital world accentuated with modern animation. This vivid representation of social anxieties induced by online interactions speaks truth to the realities of the modern social media landscape. Help Qtie and Yunyun find peace of mind across multiple endings, all to the tune of catchy Denpa beats.

Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis will arrive on PC via Steam in 2024 with support for English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese languages. To learn more and stay up to date, wishlist Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis, and visit WSS playground’s official website and follow them on X.

Needy Streamer Overload was a great look at the dark side of streaming, and this title looks to be up our alley too! Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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